SMS4 is depricated. Please use other SMS providers!

SMS for developers — simplified

Get token, send POST request. Thats it.

const send = require('sms4');

send('+12345567890', 'The server is down!').then(response => {

send(['+12345567890', '+12345567891'], 'The server is down!').then(response => {
Available WorldwideSend SMS to your customers wherever they are. Available at almost any country in the world.
Cost EffectiveWe use local providers to optimize delivery costs and pick the best price we can find every time you send a message!
Transparent PricingForget about unexpected bills. Purchase prepaid tokens and top-up whenever you want, from your profile.

Get your token

Your token includes


Initial Amount


Your token will be preloaded with selected amount. You’ll be able to top-up your token at your profile page at any time If you have any questions, contact us or see our F.A.Q.

Let us give you some answers

Frequently Asked Questions

How sms4 is cost effective?

There are a lot of SMS delivery services out there and you might wonder why sms4 might be better for you. Almost all services give you different prices for different countries and you can't optimize your costs by using only one of them. We'are working with dozens of different delivery providers and choose the cheapest price every time you send SMS via our API. So, when you send a message via sms4, we're checking the recipient's country and looking for the best price among all providers, and use this provider for message delivery.

Why token is prepaid?

We wanted to make it as simple as possible and to help you avoid unexpected bills. We'll notify you when it's time to top up and you decide if you need your token or no.

Why my token costs more than it's value?

If you live in the EU we are required to add VAT to your purchase, so that's why you see a higher price during checkout. Are you a registered business with a VAT number? Contact us and we'll give you the correct discounted price!

Is sms4 reliable?

Yes, it is! We're using only top-rated delivery providers to deliver your messages to make sure they always reach its destination.

When my token expires?

The token expires in one year after the last transaction: either purchasing or toping-up.

Can I top-up my token?

Yes, any time from your profile page.

How can I load more than $100?

We decided to limit the single purchase amount to $100, so if you want to load more money, simply contact us via or via support chat on this page. We'd be happy to help!

Use plain HTTP request or our libraries


JavaScript Module


SMS4 provides a simple rest API enpoints that can be used in any environmets.

POST: Send an SMS

This enpoint is responsible for sending sms messages. Parameters that our endpoint accepts:

torequiredstring or array of stringsThe recipient phone number. Or an array of phone numbers.
messagerequiredstringThe message to send
tokenrequiredstringIf SMS4_TOKEN is not set in headers, the token must be passed as a parameter.

GET: Token Balance

This enpoint is useful when you want to check your current token balance. Parameters that this endpoint accepts:

idrequiredstringThe sms4 token itself.